Establishing a fitness routine now will set you up for success in the long run. Just like your daily routine today is important for ensuring you get enough sleep, have time for meals, and get to work or school on time, a fitness routine ensures that you have the time, energy and stamina to workout.

In the past I was notorious for fitting workouts in where possible. I would go to the gym at 7am one day, 7pm the next, and over lunch if my schedule was tight. Speaking from experience, as a newbie to fitness, that doesn’t work.

When you’re starting out consider your existing routine. Think about things like:

  1. What time do you wake up in the morning?
  2. What time do you eat breakfast?
  3. What time do you have to be to work?
  4. Do you have a family who relies on you to start the day?
  5. What does your workday look like?
  6. What time is lunch?
  7. What time are you home in the evening?
  8. What time is dinner?
  9. Do you have children with after school activities? 
  10. What time do you go to bed?

Commit to at least 30 minutes, three days each week. That’s a total of 90 minutes from the 10,080 minutes that make up your week. You can do it!

When setting your routine try to spread your fitness or workout sessions evenly throughout the week. If possible, schedule your gym or home workouts for the same time each day. This is important, especially as your body adapts to eating correctly, and to help ensure you have the energy for all of those push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.

I have family commitments, and long work days which start early. So for me evenings are best. I like spending time with my family on the weekends, so I keep my gym sessions to weekdays. Here’s my fitness schedule:

Monday – 5:45pm protein bar & banana, 6:15pm warmup on spin bike, 6:30pm gym workout, 7:15pm dinner

Wednesday – 5:45pm protein bar & banana, 6:15pm warmup on spin bike, 6:30pm gym workout, 7:15pm dinner

Thursday – 5:45pm protein bar & banana, 6:15pm warmup on spin bike, 6:30pm gym workout, 7:15pm dinner

Saturday (every other) – 30 min home workout on rowing machine

The trick to this, and the hardest part of course, is to stick with it. Don’t allow yourself to come up with excuses which force you to reschedule or skip. Don’t allow appointments or errands to overlap or replace your scheduled workouts. If you miss a fitness session, make it up later in the day, or the next. To this day, all of these years later, I struggle with going back to the gym after missing a day, regardless of the reason. Don’t do it.

Developing your routine will take some time and consideration. Make a schedule, try it out, and adjust where necessary for the first few weeks. And when you’ve found a fitness schedule that works for you, lock it down! 

Enjoy your workout.

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