Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re doing our best to get back into the swing of things. We each have our own activities and schedules, and coordinating calendars can be tough! Have you found your post-holiday groove?

My mornings start at 6, I try to be to the office by around 8. Before school care drop off is by 8:30. Lunchtime workouts, daily meetings, evening workouts, pets, swimming lessons, grocery shopping… there’s a lot to do in a day!

Eating and sleeping are important. Family time is essential. Staying fit and finding time to read or unwind in the evenings is nice, but with so much going on, how do you find the time?

We’re fairly consistent with our family schedule, and that helps us to survive the day-to-day. Michael is on morning duty, preparing lunch and getting everyone out the door. I’m on evenings, picking up from after school care, prepping dinner, and chauffeuring to activities. We take turns with the bedtime routine, and usually have 30-60 mins of downtime before we hit the sac.

We’re only half way through our second week back at the grind, and we’re still trying to get into our groove. How do you adjust to your daily routines after a holiday or vacation?

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