When I first met with my trainer he asked what I wanted to accomplish. In my mind the answer was very simple. I wanted to have a six pack, lose my chicken legs, ditch the Oreo belly, and gain weight.

Simple. Right?

Wrong! None of those goals were attainable. They were measurable, and realistic, but getting to that point was going to take far more time, energy, and commitment that I was willing or interested in investing.

If you’re just starting out, I would recommend settings 3 short-term goals for yourself. When you achieve them, set new ones. The problem with setting long-term goals, like I did, is that you never celebrate the small gains that you make. Instead, you’re so focused on the end-goal that you get frustrated and give up. Trust me, I know.

Eventually you’ll get to a point where you’re hitting your short-term goals, and you can start to incorporate long-term goals into your plan. This doesn’t mean that you won’t still set short-term goals though. For each long-term goal that you set, you should set at least one short-term goal to track as you progress. This way you will always have a reason to celebrate!

Short-term goals can include:

  • walk 30 minutes per day x 5 days per week
  • workout for 30 minutes x 2 days per week
  • lose 1 pound per week

The long-term goals that these may support are:

  • run 5k marathon
  • workout 1 hour x 3 days per week
  • lose 10 pounds

Regardless of the goals you want to set, be sure they are measurable. You’ll have more fun, stick with your plan, and see great fitness results much quicker.

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